Biography and works of Virginia Woolf

Biography and works of Virginia Woolf

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The history of british literature it is not understood without it. Virginia Woolf, considered one of the most important writers of the 20th century, was born in London on January 25, 1882.

Although she never went to school, she managed to develop her writing career during the interwar period, being a very important figure in the London literary society and a member of the bloomsbury group.

His novels include 'Mrs. Dalloway' (1925), 'To the lighthouse' (1927), 'Orlando: a biography' (1928), 'The waves' (1931), and his short essay 'A room of my own' (1929 ). In the latter, he wrote his popular phrase: “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction”.

In the 70s, his works and especially ‘A room of my own', They turned it into referent of the feminist movement.

The author's life was marked by her Bipolar disorder. He also suffered several depressions throughout his life, the one that occurred after finishing ‘Between Acts', His last novel published posthumously.

The start of the Second World War, the destruction of his London home during the Blitz and the cold reception that his biography about Roger Fry had, aggravated his condition until finally, on March 28, 1941 he committed suicide, filling his coat pockets with stones and throwing himself into the river Ouse (Sussex), where he drowned.

His body was not found until April 18 of that year.

Works by Virginia Woolf


'End of trip' ('The Voyage Out', 1915).
'Night and Day' ('Night and Day', 1919).
'Jacob's Room' ('Jacob's Room', 1922).
"Mrs. Dalloway" ("Mrs. Dalloway", 1925).
‘To the lighthouse’ (‘To the Lighthouse’, 1927).
'Orlando' (1928).
'The waves' ('The Waves', 1931).
'The Years' ('The Years', 1937).
'Between acts' ('Between the Acts', 1941).

Story Collections

'Kew Gardens' (1919).
'Monday or Tuesday' (1921).
'The New Dress' (1924).
'A Haunted House and Other Short Stories' (1944). 'The haunted house'.
‘Mrs. Dalloway’s Party ’(1973). "Mrs. Dalloway."
'The Complete Shorter Fiction' (1985). Here the story 'Phyllis and Rosamond' is published for the first time.

Other stories published in other publications and anthologies:

'Nanny Lugton' or 'Nanny Lugton's curtain', children's story, 1992.
‘A rose without thorns’, 1999.
'The widow and the parrot'.


'Orlando: A Biography' (1928). It is considered a novel inspired by the life of Vita Sackville-West.
'Flush: A Biography' (Flush, 1933).
‘Roger Fry: A Biography’ (‘Roger Fry: a biography’, 1940).

Non-fiction books

'Modern Fiction' (1919).
'The Common Reader' ('The Common Reader', 1925).
‘A Room of One’s Own‘ (‘A Room of One’s Own’, 1929).
'On Being Ill' (1930).
'The London Scene' (1931).
'The Common Reader: Second Series' (1932).
‘Three Guineas’ (‘Three guineas’, 1938).
'The Death of the Moth and Other Essays' (1942).
'The Moment and Other Essays' (1947).
‘The Captain’s Death Bed And Other Essays’ (1950).
'Granite and Rainbow' (1958).
'Books and Portraits' (1978).
‘Women And Writing’ (‘Women and literature’, 1979).
'Collected Essays' (four volumes).
'Walks in London', (2015).


"Freshwater: A Comedy" (performed 1923, revised 1935, and published 1976).

Autobiographical writing and diaries

‘A Writer’s Diary’ (‘Diary of a writer’, 1953).
‘Moments of Being’ (‘Moments of life’, 1976).
‘A Moment’s Liberty: the shorter diary’ (1990).
'The Diary of Virginia Woolf' (five volumes). Virginia Woolf's diary from 1915 to 1941.
‘Passionate Apprentice: The Early Journals’, 1897-1909 (1990).
'Travels With Virginia Woolf' (1993) - Virginia Woolf's Greek travel journal.
'The Platform of Time: Memoirs of Family and Friends'.


‘Congenial Spirits: The Selected Letters’ (1993).
'The Letters of Virginia Woolf 1888-1941' (six volumes, 1975-1980).
‘Paper Darts: The Illustrated Letters of Virginia Woolf’ (1991).

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