Who were Hercules' male lovers?

Who were Hercules' male lovers?

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One of the best known facets of HerculesIn addition to his incredible strength and near-immortality, is his loving capacity.

Dozens of lovers are known to him, including the 50 daughters of King Thespian, who were given as an offering to the demigod in exchange for hunting down the formidable Lion of Nemea, one of the 12 labors of Hercules.

According to legend, the hero maintained relations with all of them before going hunting leaving them pregnant, who nine months later gave birth to their respective 50 children (49 for some, as one of Tespio's daughters refused to sleep with him; 52 or 53 for others, as some had twins).

But, apart from his female lovers, among which his wife Deyanira or Iole, historians like Plutarch, they stated that the number of male lovers that the demigod Hercules had was uncountable, even saying that he had more lovers than Apollo.

We must remember that sexuality in ancient times It has nothing to do with the perception of the last centuries, and that bisexuality was taken with total normality. Thus, not only did Hercules have male lovers, but all recognized gods and men (And of course, those we do not know, although very little can be known about them) from the Greco-Roman world they had them.

Hercules male lovers

The most famous of them was Yolao of Thebes, his nephew and how much Plutarch as Euripides present him as their eromenon*.

Abdero: divine hero son of Hermes, who died when Hercules was performing the eighth job of the twelve labors of Heracles, capturing the mares of Diomedes.

Philoctetes, who inherited the bow and arrows of Hercules that he would use in the Trojan war (according to Marcial).

Nestor, youngest son of King Neleo.

Adonis, extremely attractive young man, to the point that the goddess Aphrodite fell madly in love with him.

Admeto, king of Feras, in Thessaly.

Ice cream, young beloved of Hercules.

Corito, son of Paris and the nymph Enone, or of Paris and Helena in other versions.

Frixo, son of King Atamante who ruled Coronea, or, according to other versions, Thebes.

Jason, hero of Greek mythology and leader of the ship Argo, from the Argonauts.

Nireo, King of Sime who fought alongside the Greeks in the Trojan War, contributing three ships.

Hylas of Argos, son of the Tiodamante king of the driopes, loved by Hercules and abducted by the nymphs because of his beauty.

* Erómeno: adolescent engaged in a pederastic couple with an adult man, who is called erastés

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