The brothers François and Louis Blanc: the entrepreneurs who revolutionized casino roulette

The brothers François and Louis Blanc: the entrepreneurs who revolutionized casino roulette

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François Blanc and his brother Louis (twins) They were born on December 12, 1806. These two men were great French businessmen and operators of casinos, where they built the grand Monte Carlo casino in Monaco and they presented the innovative European roulette. This was the basis of all the variants of roulette that we have today, such as the English roulette or the online French roulette that we know today.

The Twins they grew up in a small town in France and they were impressed every time the circus approached the town offering its great show. Both boys yearned to be great and wealthy entrepreneurs, so they decided to follow the circus by learning its tricks and tricks at events staged across Europe.

The older brothers began to work in a betting house in Marseille where they operated all kinds of casino games, there they learned all the tricks of roulette and slot machines. shows that from that moment they began to develop their ambitious entrepreneurship project.

Once with their plan they moved to Paris, where king louis philippe would adopt new laws and the Blancs had to go to Luxembourg to use your wish.

In Hesse-Homburg They began to develop their businesses and also signed a contract with the monarch of the city to develop a tourist industry. It was at this time that they introduced the single zero roulette wheel, better known as European roulette, to attract the attention of visitors.

This allowed Hamburg to compete against the largest casinos in Paris, which offered the traditional wheel. According to myths of the population, they said that François Blanc he had traded with the devil to obtain the secrets and tricks of roulette. This legend is based on the fact that the sum of all the numbers on the roulette wheel, from 0 to 36, is 666, the "Number of the Beast”.

The Blanc brothers' company was a great success in Hamburg and became so popular that all the famous people of the time flocked to the casinos, hotels and the entertainment that the city offered. At that time, François Blanc was known as «The Wizard of Hamburg«. After a few years, the Frankfurt government decided to eliminate gambling, as he felt that the region did not need to attract more tourists.

The Blancs, a little disappointed, saw an opportunity in Monaco, since the Prince had legalized gambling where "the magician of Hamburg" became the first person to operate a casino in Monaco.

The Blancs were strategists and very smart, so they invested in railway construction, roads and other routes to position Monte Carlo in the elite of Europe and that everyone could go to their casino with the innovative European roulette.

The new king gave François a freedom to operate in the city, so it went from "The Wizard of Hamburg" to "The wizard of Monte Carlo«, leaving your mark on the history of Monaco and an indelible mark in casino games, especially roulette.

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