Germán Delibes and Ángel Ramos receive the "Evolution Awards" 2019 from the Atapuerca Foundation

Germán Delibes and Ángel Ramos receive the

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The Professor of Prehistory, German Delibes, next to Angel Ramos, who was director of the Caja de Burgos Social and Cultural Work, received last week the "Evolution Awards" 2019 from the Atapuerca Foundation, by unanimous agreement of the Board of Trustees in its session of November 30, 2018.

The event was held before the members of the Atapuerca Research Team, coinciding with the excavation campaign, and was conducted by its co-directors Juan Luis Arsuaga, José María Bermúdez de Castro and Eudald Carbonell.

The "Evolution Awards" were created in 2009 to recognize the work of those people or institutions that have supported the Atapuerca Project relevant, and is awarded every two years, in two categories.

In this VI Edition of the Awards, the Prof. Germán Delibes de Castro, receives the «Evolution Prize» to scientific work for his research work and promotion of knowledge of prehistory, which has been and is very important, as well as his constant support of the scientific project. Delibes is a prehistorian, archaeologist and Professor of Prehistory at the University of Valladolid.

For his part, Ángel Ramos Serna receives the «Evolution Award» to human values for his work in Caja de Burgos, so important for the creation of the Atapuerca Foundation, and their constant support for the Atapuerca Project. Mr. Ángel Ramos Serna was from 1984 the director of the Social and Cultural Work, and Institutional Relations of the Caja de Burgos as well as Treasurer of the Atapuerca Foundation until 2003.

The Awards consist of two sculptures donated by the Burgos artist Oscar Martín. The representative sculpture of the "Evolution Prize" to human values Its author has titled it "Addition," and it is an anthropomorphic figure. The representative sculpture of the "Evolution Prize" to scientific work It is entitled "Duality", and represents two hominids leaning back to back.

Via: NdP Atapuerca Foundation.

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