3,000-year-old cemetery found under soccer field in Belgium

3,000-year-old cemetery found under soccer field in Belgium

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Belgian archaeologists have discovered two funeral circles that could be 3,000 years old years under a football field of the KVV Schelde team in the town Schellebelle, commune of Wichelen, reports The Brussels Times.

At 3,000-year-old ceremonial cemetery remains of burned bones have also appeared, since, according to experts, at that time there was the custom of cremating the dead and then burying their remains so they wouldn't attract wild animals.

The circles can be dated to the Bronze Ageas they closely resemble other similar sites whose age has already been established, archaeologists note.

«These circles point to a centuries-old civilization. They also teach us a lot about the funeral rituals of that time. In those days the dead were cremated. We have found urns, ashes and burned bones«, Stressed the archaeologist Clara Thys, who is part of the team.

Despite the archaeological importance of the find, both circles will be covered with a layer of soil and grass so that the football team can play here again.

According to specialists, all data will be recorded and people will be able to read about what used to be in this field. Archaeologists already organize excursions to this place for students from nearby schools.

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