They find the tomb of a pre-Roman prince with extraordinary pieces

They find the tomb of a pre-Roman prince with extraordinary pieces

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Archaeologists discovered the tomb of a pre-roman prince of the Iron Age in the Italian town Corinaldo, in the Marche region (Ancona province), reported Federica Boschi, from the University of Bologna, in a report published in Antiquity magazine.

The results of the excavation carried out by the multidisciplinary team ArcheoNevola determine that the tomb probably dates from 7th century BC C., and that it was built for a prince of the picenos, a practically unknown Italic town whose territory was annexed by the Roman Empire in 268 BC. C.

Preliminary studies showed that the funeral area covered almost half a hectare.

The excavation focused on a large, slightly off-center grave, in which they found a extraordinary collection of pieces: a bronze helmet, various weapons, different bronze vessels and the remains of a war chariot with iron wheels, all of which unequivocal testimony that its owner was a member of the nobility.

Also, the tomb of the pre-Roman prince was surrounded by a 30 meter diameter moat.

The remains of the prince were not found, and it is believed that they could have been damaged during the agricultural works that have taken place in the area for centuries.

The researchers point out that It is the only find of its kind in the Marche region, in eastern Italy.

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