12 Traveler Tips for Travelers

12 Traveler Tips for Travelers

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Although we are in a difficult time to travel the COVID-19 pandemicIt is expected that the entire sector will reactivate very soon and we can begin to move with more freedom, although it is almost certain that in a different way than we have done in the last decade.

Given this possibility, we want to share with you a series of travel tips for travelers that we recommend to follow, which together with others that we can read on reference websites such as mochilerostv.com, will make our adventure, whether we plan to travel alone, travel as a family or travel in a group, make it a great experience.

Travel insurance

No matter how careful you are, you have to contemplate the possibility of having problems on the road or anywhere and at any time. In that case the best will be have insurance, mainly in case of accidents or theft.


We will have to think about the possibility of losing money since when traveling we will be in constant movement and in moments of distraction, it is possible that it happens. We can also be the victim of a robbery. That is why it is advisable to travel with little cash and the rest be handled with credit cards and traveler's checks (payment instrument in foreign currency).

Don't lose contact with your family

Today there is no excuse for not contacting. Thanks to the advancement of the Internet, it is easy to connect from a computer or from our phone and contact our family or friends and tell them where we are going and where we are going.

Contact with local people

Thanks to the Internet and its social networks, there are also no excuses to get to a place and not know anyone. Turn to friends of your friends (there will always be), blogs, Facebook or other networks to contact at least one person at your destination. It will help you get to know the local culture better and get to places that are not listed in the guides.

Planning your trip

Leaving it to chance is a mistake and waste of time and energy, mainly the day of arrival. Consider travel fatigue and jet lag.


Always recommended travel light and do not carry extra items, especially if you travel with a backpack, which should always be very comfortable and made of resistant and waterproof materials.

Travel kit

We must not forget to bring a kit with the basic elements: an antihistamine (and more if you are allergic, but it is always good to have one for unforeseen events), some medicine for headaches or muscle pain, analgesics, disinfectant and dressings. It is essential for certain places, also carry insect repellent.

Always comfortable footwear

In the case of taking an adventure trip, trekking, hiking or the like, this point is vital. But also in a traditional trip since it considers that you will walk more than usualSo a pair of comfortable shoes or slippers is a must.

Travel Guide

It is essential for those who do not hire a travel agency, the best option is pre-research the destination. There are printed guides or through the Internet in sites like the one mentioned above so as not to lose detail of the most relevant places in your destination. In general, the guides contain information about the transport system, access, tourist landmarks and history of the destination in question, all information that will be very useful.

Mix between the locals

Learn cultural codes of the place and try not to look like a tourist. I assure you that you will enjoy your experience much more.

Personal documents

Bring a copy of your passport and credit cardsKeep a copy of these documents at the hotel, in case the originals are lost. The document holders that are carried close to the body are good, they do not take up space and are safe against loss or theft.

Further, digitize all the documents that may be necessary and send them to your personal email: passports, identity document, vaccination certificate (in case of trips where necessary), passport-type photos, etc.

In case of need, we can always find a place to print them and we will have the possibility to solve many potential problems that may arise.

Food safety

Water: Water is the cause of most stomach problems when traveling abroad, that is why it is advisable to drink bottled water and, above all, avoid ice.

Foods: Cooked, washed and peeled. If foods are not cooked, especially vegetables, make sure they are thoroughly washed. Prefer fruits that you can peel yourself.

meats: Order it well cooked and make sure it reaches the table hot. This will ensure that it is free of bacteria.

With these tips for travelers, we are sure you can enjoy your trip to the fullest without stress and without extra worries. To enjoy!

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