The largest Faculty of History in the world

The largest Faculty of History in the world

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How are university graduates trained in history and how are their teaching professionals “retrained” in knowledge and teaching techniques? The answer can be found by all of them in the World's largest Faculty of History, which offers adapted and specially designed history courses to improve said training resources on the subject.

The largest Faculty of History in the world is online and is directed to the Hispanic world. It offers didactic content of all areas and subjects for any purpose. History courses among which stands out the training that it provides for university graduates and for teaching professionals in the field of history.

From the most remote times to the present day, man needs to know all his history, in order to know where it comes from, why the circumstances in which it lives have occurred and what mistakes it has made from its origins to the present. Only in this way will it be able to understand the current world and will have fundamental elements to be able to improve it for the future, because this future is built from the knowledge we have from the past.

Online training

The History is constantly being reviewed and updated knowledge for further reinterpretation and analysis. Graduates and professional teachers in the field must be 'retrained'.

And this is today more essential than ever, when due to circumstances beyond the control of man, such as the global pandemic due to COVID-19, distance teaching has been imposed, through the Internet, with video conference applications, teamwork and shared files on virtual hard drives and storage of materials in the cloud.

Nobody knows what the immediate future will bring us in the world of teaching; if it will be possible to return to the classroom when the academic year begins from September or if, on the contrary, the "new normal" will consist of teaching classes online, as happened during the massive confinement last spring.

Therefore, so that history teachers are prepared for what may happen, the most recommended option to train and expand their teaching resources and techniques can be found in the The World's Largest Faculty of History in Spanish.

History courses for history teachers

This Faculty of History belongs to the largest digital University in the world,, and in it two programs stand out: History courses specifically designed for teaching professionals such as the Teaching of the History of Spain, comprising 1,500 hours of online training, and the course Universal history, which also covers another 1,500 hours online.

Besides these two History courses, the largest Faculty of History in the world in Spanish and online offers other courses, such as, for example, the University Expert in didactics of the history of Spain; the university course in didactics of the process of construction and consolidation of the liberal state in Spain; the course of University Expert in teaching of the Spanish Civil War; the university course of teaching the roots of contemporary Spain and a long etcetera to almost thirty different specialized formations, only in the matter related to history.

Spanish History Teaching Course

As we have already pointed out, pedagogical renewal is fundamental in all subjects, and also in the History of Spain. It is therefore necessary that the teaching professionals of this subject know transmit passion for history. For this, it is necessary to renew or, at least, update the teaching methodological resources and adapt them to the needs of the students at all times.

The Spanish History Course is interactive, with multimedia content and practical self-assessment exercises, in order to improve throughout the learning process; theoretical contents; dialogue with an expert; discussion forums on controversial issues and individual reflection papers. The contents are always accessible from any device, fixed or portable, with an Internet connection.

The Master grants its own degree that certifies the teacher as being up-to-date in his knowledge in Teaching the History of Spain.

World History Teaching Course

The Master's program in Teaching World History offers its own degree in World History that will allow teachers to update their knowledge about world history, from prehistory to the present day, in a practical way, one hundred percent online and with the utmost rigor scientific and academic throughout its development.

The teaching staff is made up of prestigious international experts who teach in world-renowned institutions. The program is designed for people interested in reaching a higher level specialized in World History.

This Master with its own degree in Universal History It contains the most complete and updated program on the university scene. Its 100 simulated scenarios stand out, which are presented by experts in history; its graphic, schematic and practical contents on the history of the world; the latest discoveries in the history of our civilizations; theoretical and practical content; questions to experts; discussion forums on controversial issues and individual reflection papers.

The contents are accessible from any fixed or portable device with internet connection.

The multimedia content, made with the latest in educational technology, allows the creation of a simulated environment for the professional who follows the course to be immersed in it, in such a way that they can “train” for real situations.

The program is based on the technique of Problem-based learning, by which the teacher must try to solve the different professional practice situations that arise throughout the academic year.



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