Two ancient tombs of unusual pyramidal shape found in China

Two ancient tombs of unusual pyramidal shape found in China

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The brick constructions, up to 20 meters long, date back to the first centuries of the Common Era.

Two unusual pyramidal brick tombs have been unearthed in the Northeast China in the middle of construction works in Dezhou city, Shandong province.

Archaeologists, who have been studying the site since September, estimate that the burials are about 1,800 years old and belonged to an influential family, whose members were officials or aristocrats oflate Eastern Han dynasty (AD 20-225).

The most prominent feature of both chambers are various ornamental paint patterns on the walls in the colors red, black, white and blue.

As one of the restorers told local media, the paintings would have been made fromnatural materials like cinnabar, a well-known mineral that was reduced to powder and served as a red pigment.

The expert explained that geometric lines of the murals are accompanied by drawings inspired by fish and plants, decorative motifs believed to be in fashion at the time.

One of the tombsmeasures 20 meters long and 16 wide, the other being somewhat less. The researchers assume that the two belonged to the same family, since they were built together and oriented in the same direction.

Archaeologists also unearthed a series offuneral objects made of clay, including miniature buildings, bowls, cups, and chicken figures.

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